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new band photo

Hey look, it’s Dark Disco Club hard at work! =P

What you can’t see in that photo, is the vocal mic that’s set up just off to the side, and the computer running Pro Tools. I got up today, which is Tuesday; well known to everyone in my band as the one fucking day per week that we all get together for one “full” day of working on the record. I got up and started working immediately… just tweaking some of the tracks, and recording vocals to one. Along the way, I got an email from a venue that we’ve been interested in playing at, offering us a gig with a band that we’ve been interested to play with. Needless to say, I replied to him with a confirmation on the show.

Now why would I do that? Why would I confirm a show without first checking with each and every member of the band first? Because despite years of peoples actions telling me otherwise, I still have this immature notion in my head that the band holds some level of importance to the people in it, and that it would take priority over other things that might pop up on someone’s schedule. Of course there are those few serious issues that can strike a persons life and give a good reason for cancellation, which is totally understandable. Anyway, the first email I got back was like “I can’t do it, I’m doing stuff that day”. Ok then, we won’t play the show. And yknow, while we’re at it, let’s not book any tour dates on Wednesdays, because Lost is on, and I like that show.

Next up, I got on the phone to call Tom. I did as much as I could do on my own, and I needed to track some guitar. He picked up and informed me that he was in New York. WTF?! I already knew the answer to my next question, but I asked anyway. “Who are you in New York with?” And like clockwork… “Suzanne”. Fucking Suzanne! The same psycho bitch that has been giving him so many problems. She showed up at our show on Saturday night (which was Tom’s birthday), which was fine, but she simply can’t show up without bringing some idiotic drama. A girl in the club was looking at Tom. Yeah, LOOKING at him… and Suzanne noticed this, and didn’t like it. Anyway, moments after Suzanne left Tom began making out with that other girl, which is good, because no matter what this other chick has going on, she’s got to be better than that friggin devil-bitch. Later that night, Tom is found in the bathroom on his cell phone with Suzanne giving him all kinds of shit.

So basically, Tom has chosen this chick over working with the band yet again. As much as I really really do like Tom as a friend and a band member, the issues that come with him and females is working on my last nerve, and I know the other guys feel the same way. It’s gotten so bad that the rest of us predict his shortcomings to the extent that we will bring extra clothes for him to wear because we know damn well he will not be prepared as he rushes over, late, from some other girls house.

Every time this shit happens it pisses me off and makes me realize that there are motivated, talented people out there that like this band and would love to be in a position to contribute. Why do I settle for anything less? Sometimes I think I am so anxious and desperate to just get this fucking cd finished, that I settle for a far less than ideal situation just hoping that we’ll get through it.

Now I’m left here in a pissed off fucking mood. Later tonight when AO gets off work, and Tom gets home from NY (if he bothers to come home), everyone will be looking to come over. Well guess what, I’ve already worked on the shit. I’ve already worked on the music, worked on our press kit, worked on lyrics, dealt with everyone’s bullshit and now I’m in no mood.

faster we run…

I have so much to say, so often. Yet these days it seems impossible to get it onto this page. I’m afraid that this thing has become a semi-regular telling of me doing nothing. When I look back on this in months and years from now, I want it to accurately portray the place thatContinue Reading

my band is on iTunes (and other stores)

This is my website, so I am allowed to plug my band. Without any doubt, I can say that of all the CD’s that Dark Disco Club has made available over the years, the 3 of Seven ep is the best one. We’re on track to change that with the new album for sure, butContinue Reading

Spring Cleaning.

Today is the Vernal Equinox. “The Vernal Equinox is a time of renewal, both in Nature and in the home. More than just physical activity, “spring cleaning” removes any negative energy accumulated over the dark winter months and prepares the home for the positive growing energy of spring and summer.” Now that sounds like aContinue Reading

life sucks, i am bad luck, kill me

Let’s run down a partial list:1. lost $9,0002. lost $1,0003. lost $1,0004. lost $7405. lost $5006. lost $80 in Atlantic City (roulette)7. I was given free passes to see an advance screening of a cool movie. The theater was already full when I got there, so I didn’t get in.8. fucked up my own hairContinue Reading