I’m half joking when I tease Tom about holding a “win a date with Tom” raffle at one of our shows. But only half. Let me point out that I am a major fan of Tom. I consider him a friend as well as a valuable member of my band. He writes some cool riffs, and he brings an element of drunken unpredictability and rock n roll swagger to our live performances. Aside from the occasional outbreak of “metal hand”, he’s the perfect guitarist for Dark Disco Club. Having said that, his decision making process is questionable at best when it comes to females. He loves to bark up the wrong trees, and he’s completely uninterested in the few avenues that offer some genuine appreciation for him. To each his own I suppose. As we age we gain experience and we grow wiser and hopefully we make more educated decisions. I’m sure the same will happen for my man Tom (aka Roberto Duran, aka Tommy Gunn, aka Tommy TuTone).

Anyway, his most recent unhealthy fling-thing has a band. Or had a band, or something. Apparently they are looking for a new guitarist for their band, and chose to go after getting one in a low down dirty way. Having full knowledge of our band and Toms involvement in it, she/they chose to make the attempt at getting him to join that band. Needless to say, Tom is not deaf, and he knows what band he wants to be in. I think. I heard about this offer, and then by chance I saw this little posting about it. I replied simply with “not tom”, and left it at that. Well, Whatserface decided to write me a letter. Keeping in line with the playing dirty vibe, she lied throughout the entire thing. She said how she was “fully aware of tom’s ‘allegiance’ to you and wouldn’t pull him away”. Well bullshit. She is fully aware, but she tried anyway. She then suggested that her band has come to see us a couple of times and that she’s upset that we don’t come to see her band. We cry me a fuckin’ river, babe! We don’t come see the band because we don’t like the band! If her band comes to see us it’s because we rock and put on a good show. I’m not gonna go see a band just out of pity, I love music too much to do that. She told a couple other blatant lies, and I sent one back calling her on it.

Apparently that wasn’t good enough. She needed to put the emergency call in to poor Tom to try to stir up drama. She would love to make Tom pissed enough at me for him to be available for her band. I trust that Tom is too smart for that. He falls fast and he falls hard for these chicks, especially the ones that are all bad news for him. She made it clear in the letter she wrote me that she is only interested in being “friends” with him, so hopefully that is enough of a hint to everyone involved as to what this chicks intentions are.

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