WANNA BUY A DDC SHIRT? Of course you do.

We have them in every size from Youth Medium through Adult XL, and the quality is awesome, no shit.

Which leads me to my next subject; I need money really fucking bad. I don’t feel like going into every detail of how I came to be right back in financial peril, but trust me when I tell you that big awesome apartments near Rittenhouse Square don’t help any when your income stops coming in without any notice whatsoever. Needing to put $3,600 down on it sure as shit doesn’t help any either.

I’ve allowed the band to become a main focus of mine lately, which is pretty cool. I am totally excited with the music we’re making and all of that, but if my financial situation doesn’t make a drastic turn for the better extremely soon, I will not be able to keep the band as high on the priority list as it is currently. Not even close. And that sucks. If I’m forced to take some mindless job just to earn a living than you might as well just dig my grave now, because I seriously won’t last long doing it. Another option that could possibly help a bit is my artwork, which did actually play a noticeable role in paying my bills for a good little while in the past. I haven’t been making much (any) art lately, mostly due to my focus on music, which in turn means that I haven’t been selling any. I had counted on several pieces being sold by now, but they haven’t. In fact, just about everything I’ve been counting on lately seems to be falling through for one reason or another (all except one woman of course). If hugs, kisses, or excuses could pay my bills I would be living the high life for sure.

I’m gonna hang on for a few more weeks and hope for the best, but like I said, unless some major changes come my way, I’ll need to be rearranging some things, and surely not everyone will be pleased with that. But I need to look out for my livelihood.

Wanna help? Buy my art, or hire me to do a custom commission of some kind. Or just straight up give me some cash. =)

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