in fear and faith

can we last through the winter / the water’s starting to freeze / the only one who remembers / taking the wrong step falling in front of me / this body’s already aging / these nights are already long / and if I last through the winter I swear to you now, I wont call

will we last through the winter / will we make it to see / I never wanted a partner / and I never loved you / now you are free to leave / this heart is already frozen / I can’t remember the fall / and if I last through the winter / I swear to you now, I won’t call

Those are the words that caught my attention as I stumbled uneasily down some of Philadelphias finest frozen streets and sidewalks early this afternoon. No hidden meaning or anything from my end, just some really awesome season-centric lyrics from a truly amazing album.

Oh yeah, it’s Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t mean a damn thing to me personally, and I actually find the whole idea of it to be a disgusting money-making scam that plays to the core of female insecurity, but hey that’s just me. My “celebration” this year is limited to the creation of a card for my loved one. This year it featured an image of Al Capone and a brief synopsis of the St. Valentine’s Day massacre back in 1929. Pretty cool stuff.

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