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Let’s start with last night, shall we? Dark Disco Club played a show at Tom & Jerry’s, sandwiched between two heavy metal gargantuans; Rumpelstiltskin Grinder and 13 Even. I wasn’t feeling overly confidant about the set ahead of time since rehearsal had been pretty shaky. But much to my delight, the room was full, the sound system was awesome, and I think we rocked it pretty well. Even the new material worked for us. But before I get too far ahead, let us rewind to the beginning of the night.

As usual, we all met up at Tom’s house to load up our gear and get ready for the show. As I walked into Toms room what did I see? I saw Eric. I saw Josh. I saw Tom. And I saw that liar chick that tried to get Tom in her band. Now, trust me when I tell you all I was not the only one to notice, and I wasn’t even the first one to bring up how lame it was. Let’s pretend for a moment that the chick isn’t a complete head-case scam artist, she’s still a chick who is clearly NOT a member of our fucking band. That said, there is absolutely no good reason to tote her (or any chick) along with us as if she were a piece of gear. If she is a fan of the band, she can look at our website to see where we’re playing and drive herself there to see us, or not. It’s lame on so many levels, but aside from all the serious-band-time-work-ethic stuff, it also makes Tom no fun the whole night.

All of us are there, hanging out and goofing off with each other and the countless friends, acquaintances, and fans that filled the room all night. All of us except for Tom. Tom was locked at his table with the chick. And when I say “locked”, I mean locked at the face. Locked in a disgustingly juvenile, 9th grade style, completely inappropriate, classless, deep tongue make out session, just begging for people to stare at them. Now let me take a quote from the email this chick sent me just the day before. She said “tom and i are friends…nothing more”. Wow. Either that’s a complete lie or this girl has a line of guys that want to be friends with her when there’s nothing better to do. Her being lame is one aspect of this, but the other is why Tom would even want to bother with a chick that basically dissed him so openly. Is it low self-esteem, or just laziness? Hard to say. In Tom’s case I’m thinking it’s just laziness. It’s easier to just get with the not-cool chick than it is to spend energy finding a cool one. Whatever. I just hope we don’t see her hitching any rides from us in the future.

Now, today. Oh boy. I woke up at 7 AM to take Rosa to get some oral surgery. Despite the terminology, it’s totally not sexy at all. After dragging her groggy butt to the car and driving her home, I made about 73 trips to various stores and pharmacies to get her all of the stuff that she needed. Later on I was supposed to meet up with someone at my apartment to sell them tickets to my bands show at the Troc on Monday night. On my way there, some motherfucker in a Toyota Prius tried to slip through the red light and I took off his bumper as I turned onto Lombard Street. No one was hurt, aside from a slight jarring of my back of course. We exchanged some info and I was on my way. I got to my apartment and tried yet again to make my DSL work, without luck. Oh yeah, fuck Verizon. I am canceling that shit. Anyway, I found out that the Troc show was cancelled… after I bust my ass selling tickets for it and canceling other shows so we can do it. Perfect.

No, that is not a real photo of Tom and the chick. But man, would that be funny to have.


I’m half joking when I tease Tom about holding a “win a date with Tom” raffle at one of our shows. But only half. Let me point out that I am a major fan of Tom. I consider him a friend as well as a valuable member of my band. He writes some cool riffs,Continue Reading


OH MY GOD! I have illegally aquired some new Guns n Roses music. One full song called “IRS”, and a one minute twenty second long clip of a song called “Better”. They both totally rock and have given me a rock n roll boner! “IRS” sounds like it wouldn’t have been out of place onContinue Reading


WANNA BUY A DDC SHIRT? Of course you do. We have them in every size from Youth Medium through Adult XL, and the quality is awesome, no shit. Which leads me to my next subject; I need money really fucking bad. I don’t feel like going into every detail of how I came to beContinue Reading

in fear and faith

can we last through the winter / the water’s starting to freeze / the only one who remembers / taking the wrong step falling in front of me / this body’s already aging / these nights are already long / and if I last through the winter I swear to you now, I wont callContinue Reading