disaster strikes!

The first A Reason To Fight gig is history, and most of my predictions came true. Some more than others. I predicted that some people would genuinely like us and say how cool we were. Shortly after our set ended, two girls that didn’t know any of us came up to me with smiles on their face telling me how awesome we were and that they loved it. Unreal. Now, all along I had told anyone that knew about this show that it was sure to be a less than stellar performance since this is really far from what we usually do with Dark Disco Club, and that we didn’t practice all that much in preparation for this show. Having said that, I am extremely disappointed in the way our performance went. As a “singer” I know that I rank extremely low, but considering the genre and overall vibe of the music I can surely say that I have heard far worse. But fuck that, my vocals don’t even matter… someone will either like my voice or they won’t. It’s an opinion, and those are pretty meaningless in the end. What is not a matter of opinion, is song structure, and playing a song correctly or not. Songs that we had down well in rehearsals were a complete fucking mess when we played them in front of a respectably sized crowd. Even “Ground n Pound”; a song that we’ve played a ton of times and nailed was fucked up from the get go. I had to fucking embarrass myself and actually stop the band shortly after starting the song. I mean how hard is it… the riff plys once, and then BOOM, come in. I just don’t get it. And every song had instances just like that. I’m not perfect, and yes I did fuck up one time during the set, during our version of “Beautiful Mutation”. Anyway, here’s what we tried to play:
1. Shout at the Devil
2. Cutter
3. Caress The Ghost
4. Thunder Kiss ’65
5. Beautiful Mutation
6. Ground n Pound

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