Bird has torn his ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament). Technically, I think he tore the other one right next to the ACL… or some shit like that. Either way, it’s not cool. Those friggin’ rabbits insist on bouncing around on my boys turf, so obviously he’s going to defend it and chase their asses out of there. I guess he pushed it just a little too hard this week and tore it. He’s on some anti-inflammatory medicine for a couple of weeks, and needs to stay off of the leg as much as possible. After that there is the possibility that he’ll need surgery. I can only imagine what that shit will cost. Yikes.

Like I mentioned before, I will be moving out of my apartment soon. Since I need to clean up and prepare some space for myself here (in the burbs), I’ve been down here way more than usual. I just seem to get stuck here all the damn time. I’ve had to be here for a couple of rehearsals and shit this week so by the time I get all done it’s late and not so easy to get a ride back to my pad in the city. I have not started packing there at all. Not one single thing has been moved or put away. Today is Thursday, and my final day in the apartment is Tuesday, so I really need to get on that shit soon. Of course A Reason To Fight plays Friday night, so that is one more night that is occupied.

Speaking of A Reason To Fight, we practiced last night for a while. By the time we finished my throat felt like a swollen forest fire. It’s way better today, but damn. I must have been screaming at the top of my lungs for a couple hours straight. This gig should be pretty fun(ny).

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