Monthly Archives: January 2006

West of Broad

I’ve never lived West of Broad, but I’ve surely spent plenty of time there. Well now I do. Along with some help from the boys and the girl, I started moving in. I signed my lease just after 9pm and then started to pack up some shit in a serious way and move it to the new pad. All of this is happening so fast and out of the blue. It’s kind of scary, but pretty fun as well. I have high hopes for this new place, and I look forward to mastering the new neighborhood. I know the gayborhood will miss me, and I will surely miss it right back. Especially Pac-a-deli.

I am one charming son of a bitch.

I got the apartment! Despite the fact that all of the other applicants had longer credit histories and larger incomes (maybe), I got the apartment. The guy said “everyone liked you”, so boom, it’s mine. Now I get to cough up $3,600 for first month, last month, and security deposit. Fuckin a. For the badContinue Reading

a last ditch effort

I was browsing around on craigslist, pretty much for no reason. I started looking through the apartments for rent. And it hit me. A $1,200 per month life-saving apartment 3 blocks away from Rittenhouse Square, complete with spiral staircase, loft bedroom, working fireplace, covered deck, and more natural light than most National Parks. Awesome. NeedlessContinue Reading

disaster strikes!

The first A Reason To Fight gig is history, and most of my predictions came true. Some more than others. I predicted that some people would genuinely like us and say how cool we were. Shortly after our set ended, two girls that didn’t know any of us came up to me with smiles onContinue Reading


Bird has torn his ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament). Technically, I think he tore the other one right next to the ACL… or some shit like that. Either way, it’s not cool. Those friggin’ rabbits insist on bouncing around on my boys turf, so obviously he’s going to defend it and chase their asses out ofContinue Reading